Getting Back In The Groove

Dancing is a fun activity and great form of exercise, for some people dancing is a way of life, second nature, part of their culture. Dancing is used in celebration whether celebrating new life, new relationships or love itself! To take such a joyous and meaningful activity out of the life of some individuals life itself would lose excitement. The rhythm of the music, the beauty of the steps has a calming effect, but when injury occurs and the rhythm is heard but steps are painful joy disappears and despair creeps in.

Being diagnosed with a painful condition such as neuropathy can threaten to steal the joy that activities such as dancing can bring, Neuropathy is a painful condition that is diagnosed by the onset of painful symptoms such as:

  • Tingling – in the hand and feet
  • Burning – in the hands and feet
  • Numbness – in the hands and feet
  • Needle Like Pinching – when walking this painful sensation can limit mobility
  • Muscle Weakness – a loss of coordination, dizziness and muscle strength

Nerve pains such as the ones mentioned develop when damage to nerve cells has occurred. Damage to the nerve cells can occur for several different reasons but a few causes could possibly be from trauma to the nerve cells as a result of a physical injury, exposure to dangerous toxins, alcohol abuse or complications with diabetes. Neuropathy is not always avoidable however, one can lessen their chances of developing nerve pain and needing neuropathy treatment by making wise choices regarding their personal health.

Treatment Purpose

Neuropathy symptoms are painful and if neuropathy treatment is not sought complete loss of mobility could occur. Neuropathy treatment is designed to help neuropathic patients from losing mobility and quickly return back to their normal activities. Neuropathy pain is so intense that often times patients end up sitting on the sideline of life rather than take their spin on the dance floor. Neuropathy treatment can prevent one from ever having to sit a dance out if only it was given a chance.

Neuropathy treatment such as some form of therapy can drastically reduce the painful sensations felt when walking, dancing or moving about in general. Added supplements like alpha lipoic acid has been known to help regenerate damaged nerve cells giving them new life, offering the patient less pain and worry ; speak with your doctor about neuropathy treatment and which treatment options he or she feels is best suited for you.

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