Foot neuropathy is an issue to face if you are diabetic or have had trauma that has somehow affected the nerve cells. Foot neuropathy is distinguished by feelings of numbness, tingling, or prickly, needle sensations on the underside of the foot. This type of neuropathy can make walking barefoot or walking, itself, a challenge.  In some severe cases, a loss of balance and muscle coordination occurs. Although diabetes is a usual cause, alcohol abuse and HIV can contribute to the condition.

When the disease has progressed to the point where it affects daily living, then medical help needs to be sought. The best time to seek medical help is when you first start to feel symptoms of neuropathy like intense burning in the feet or numbness. Treatment does not always reverse the condition but can and will help relieve the symptoms that come with foot neuropathy. Although your doctor is your best source for treatment information, here are four treatment options that you can ask about.


Medication: This is one option that is sure to come up in conversing with your doctor. Over the counter medication like aspirin and ibuprofen can help relieve the pain from neuropathy temporarily. Other topical creams can help supply relief when applied to the area periodically. Drugs that have codeine in them are not a doctor’s first choice and are only used when other drugs do not seem to give the relief necessary because they can be addictive.

Diet and proper nutrition: Healthy eating habits can help address the underlying issues and help correct or minimize the effects of neuropathy on the body. Work alongside your doctor or nutritionist to form the best eating plan for your particular situation. I think this is one of the most important treatment options available to patients with foot neuropathy.

Massage and physical therapy: These treatment options are wonderful for helping with neuropathy pain. Both relieve the stress from muscles as well as pain and help tone and strengthen muscles and tissues. Acupuncture is another form that has benefits for patients of neuropathy.

Vitamins and natural supplements: B1, B12, and Alpha-lipoic acid have all been proven to help reduce or eliminate the symptoms of neuropathy. If taken in the proper formula and right dosage, this option may be the most effective and safest treatment option.

Foot neuropathy can be a very painful, frustrating condition. Upon diagnosis, your doctor is the best source of treatment options. Together, you can devise a treatment plan that will be effective and safe with which you can overcome the symptoms of foot neuropathy and regain a quality lifestyle.

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