Forget Medications

Prescription medications are an appealing treatment option for many reasons such as the ease of use but also due to the fact that not much thought other than taking the pills is required. Prescription medications can be helpful at reliving neuropathy pain and symptoms but they do come with several adverse side effects like depression, anxiety and even suicidal tendencies. If there were other treatment options why would one subject themselves to these side effects? Neuropathy is a condition of which no known cure has been found so treatment is the only option; one must choose his or her treatment carefully because it will become a huge part of one’s daily life.

The following are several different options that can be considered as treatment to help replace prescription medications and the side effects that they bring.


Acupuncture is an alternative option for treating certain ailments and condition by way of needle. Acupuncture historically is an ancient Chinese medical treatment that the Chinese believe to be a technique that is used to allow the body to flow and re-balance. Within the last three decades, acupuncture has gained popularity here in the western world and is used and recommended by many medical professionals.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

Electrical nerve stimulation may seem a little barbaric and once one lays eyes on the piece of equipment that provides the electrical shock their feelings may be confirmed. Though the thought of sending electrical volts through your body may make you shudder (ha ha) at the thought, the electrical therapy has proven to relieve nerve pain, in fact the use of TENS in treating nerve pain effectively has been proven in hundreds of clinical reports.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy can assist the patient by teaching valuable new life skills as well as limit the devastating impact that peripheral neuropathy can have on daily life by:

  • Improving  sensory motor skills
  • Educates  patients on how to avoid dangerous toxins and prevent exposing themselves  to industrial or environmental hazards
  • How to self-care
  • Educates neuropathy patients on the importance of observation such as terrain  changes, safely walking up and down stairs etc.
  • How to safely sit, stand and walk that will not risk a drop in blood pressure  or cause them to fall.



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