Foot Pain And Foot Care

Does anyone ever stop to think about feet? I am going to go out on a limb here and say that feet are not the most popular of conversation starters nor are feet always on a person’s mind unless one has been diagnosed with neuropathy in feet. Neuropathy in feet is a painful condition that affects millions of men and women. Neuropathy in feet is a complication of diabetes and one that can affect the diabetic’s future, normality, mobility and even threaten to rob them of their future.

Diabetic neuropathy is the result of high levels of blood sugar being present in the body for long periods of time. This high level of blood sugar eventually damages the diabetic’s nerve cells creating a loss of feeling or sensation. The inability to feel or sense terrain or their own toes for that matter leads many neuropathic patients to make the difficult decision to become home bound and chair ridden. Neuropathy in feet brings several painful symptoms that make it difficult to endure walking making the choice to stay off their feet seems like a simple plan and an easy fix.

However, in order to properly care for neuropathy in feet, it is important that proper foot pain relief is found and foot care is had to prevent further injuries and a complete loss of mobility. Choosing not to take care of one’s feet when having been diagnosed with this terrible disease could mean further complications if an injury was to occur somewhere on the foot and left unnoticed. Infection can lead to amputation and for neuropathy in feet patient’s amputation is a possible reality.

Avoiding Amputation

There are several practical things one can do to avoid a disaster such as amputation. Nightly foot checks will help catch any unfelt injuries that may have occurred. Wearing proper foot wear will prevent blisters from occurring as well as loss of circulation from tight fitting footwear. Neuropathy in feet patients should refrain from wearing hosiery or socks that prevent the feet from breathing. It is important that feet stay dry and nails are kept trimmed and even. The most important thing one can do to prevent amputation is to maintain or get under control the high blood sugar levels.

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