Foot Neuropathy Treatment For The Hurting Diabetic

There is much that a diabetic patient can complain about regarding his or her health, the constant maintaining of blood sugar levels, eating a rigid diet and careful watch over their health to insure that no further complications with their diabetes develops that further limits their capabilities and lifestyle. Diabetic patients constantly have to worry with or be concerned about high blood sugar levels affecting other parts of their body; if blood sugar is left to run amuck, then irreversible damage to vital organs, cause kidney damage, vision problems and nerve damage.

Diabetic neuropathy is often the most common complication associated with diabetes that develops over time and slowly begins to cause the nerve cells to lose their ability to function properly. When nerve cell damage occurs, the nerve cell endings lose their ability to sense and feel creating inconvenient and painful symptoms. Diagnosing diabetic neuropathy is typically done through symptom complaint and tests that will determine how much nerve damage has been done. Symptoms of diabetic neuropathy often begin in the foot area causing intense pain when walking or when pressure of any kind is placed on the feet – this is known as foot neuropathy.

Foot neuropathy symptoms and foot neuropathy pain can leave the neuropathic patient immobile and struggling to accomplish simple household tasks such as walking. Foot neuropathy pain is often described as if a thousand fine haired needles were poking the bottoms of the feet when walking. Regardless of how cushioned or soft the texture of the terrain may be any form or amount of walking when suffering with foot neuropathy is excruciating. Foot neuropathy treatment is the only tool by which nerve pain relief can be found. There are several foot neuropathy treatments that have proven over time to be beneficial in reliving foot pain.


Foot neuropathy treatment through various methods of treatment plans such as supplemental vitamins, acupuncture, hypnosis, medication as well as electrical nerve stimulation are just to name a few of the options available to foot neuropathy patients. For a complete list of foot neuropathy treatment options, speak with a medical professional.

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