Foot Neuropathy Treatment For Neuropathy In Feet

Neuropathy in feet is a painful condition that affects neuropathy patients differently. There are those neuropathy patients that only report mild to moderate nerve pain in their foot extremities than there are other foot neuropathy patients that complain of moderate to severe nerve pain that leaves them chair ridden most of the time. Foot neuropathy sufferers unfortunately miss out on or are forced to give up activities and hobbies that they enjoy.

Activities such as walking becomes too painful and fun hobbies such as dancing, jogging and even something as mundane as walking the dog becomes burdensome. Neuropathy in feet is often caused due to complications with diabetes. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels over a long period of time leads to irreversible nerve cell damage. Nerve cell damage brings on pain and discomfort thus leading to a life if sitting on the sidelines. Without foot neuropathy treatment, nerve pain will continually lead to immobility.

Neuropathy in feet may not be curable; however it is treatable and with the right treatment plan nerve pain relief will be possible and becoming active a reality. Upon diagnosis, the attending physician will often discuss different foot neuropathy treatment plans that have been successful with other neuropathic patient than open the floor for questions, comments and thoughts. Open communication between yourself and your doctor is important to discovering the perfect treatment plan that will be safe and effective.

Knowing Your Options

Knowing what options are available help make choosing a foot neuropathy treatment easier. There are so many treatments that quote relief but the fail to deliver. Prescription medication is one treatment that most medical professionals offer their suffering patients; be cautious with this approach due to the addictive nature of narcotics as well as the multiple side effects that coincide with use.

Treatment should be practical, easy to live with on a daily basis and safe. Natural ingredients such as Alpha Lipoic acid, Benfotiamine and Vitamin B have been known to successfully treat foot neuropathy symptoms and nerve pain. Other natural methods would include: acupuncture, hypnosis, Electrical Nerve Stimulation and Therapy.

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