Foot Neuropathy Treatment

Diabetic patients are educated on the complications that they could develop if they do not maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Diabetes is a disease that leads to other conditions such as diabetic neuropathy and/or foot neuropathy. Foot neuropathy is a painful condition that developed over a period of time. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels are to blame for the development of foot neuropathy as well as poor choices regarding diet, nutrition and exercise.

Each of us should be concerned about the amount of daily exercise we get as well as pay close attention to the food choices we make. An unhealthy lifestyle is what leads to diabetes, but a continuance in poor health choices is what leads a diabetic to chronic neuropathy pain. Foot neuropathy is defined by the painful symptoms felt throughout the day especially when pressure is placed on the feet or when in movement. Symptoms foot neuropathy patients often describe feeling are:

  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Burning
  • Needle Like Pricking

Painful sensations such as the ones mentioned makes walking and daily activity extremely painful for those individuals diagnosed with foot neuropathy. Though it may cause intense pain at first, daily exercise is needed in order to prevent further nerve cell damage that over time could result in the complete loss of mobility.

Pressing On Through The Pain

Foot neuropathy treatment is the key to mobility and without foot neuropathy treatment, the limb can become stiff due to a lack of circulation resulting in discoloration. Foot neuropathy suffers can partake in a few simple exercises as part of their foot neuropathy treatment plan and not only discover a decrease in their pain level but also prevent any further damage to occur.

Range Of Motion – exercises that work to improve range of motion can help circulate blood to the affected area taking with it vital nutrients that can help regenerate the damaged nerve cells.

Low Impact Exercises – swimming and walking are two great ways to exercise without triggering severe nerve pain. Focus on using a full rotation of the ankle when walking so that the joint is being worked to prevent stiffness.

Toe Tapping Exercise – this can be done while sitting alleviating pressure of full body weight. Sit with heels on the floor, gently and slowly raise toes upwards than back down again tapping a few time, repeat five to ten times.

For more information on foot neuropathy treatment options and how simple foot exercises could help alleviate pain, speak with your doctor or ask to be seen by a physical therapist.

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