Foot Neuropathy Can Be Very Serious

Many diabetics struggle with foot neuropathy. This means that they may feel a tingling or burning sensation or even pain in their feet. This can be greatly helped by medications, diet and alternative therapies.


Many doctors can suggest over the counter aids or prescribe specific prescription creams. These are designed to protect and moisturize feet. The creams can help with numbness, tingling and burning that foot neuropathy can cause. Oral medications may also be used to help with foot neuropathy. These medications can range from pain medications to anti-seizure medications. At times, a doctor may also prescribe pain patches to help with foot neuropathy. Only a doctor can decide how serious a patient’s foot neuropathy is and how to effectively treat it.



The biggest struggle with foot neuropathy is controlling the blood glucose levels of diabetics. Changing the diet of a diabetic can be difficult. It is suggested that diabetics consume little to no sugar in their daily diet. Eating a balanced diet can greatly help as well. Occasionally, diet alone may not help. Changing the diet in conjunction with a change in medications can help bring the blood glucose level into a normal range. It may also be suggested to add supplements to a diabetic’s diet to ensure that they are getting all the necessary nutrition.

Alternative therapies

Occasionally, acupuncture and massages are suggested to help with foot neuropathies. While there is little research for this, massages are said to help with blood flow to the affected areas.

Most importantly, it is recommended that if a diabetic believes they may be suffering from foot neuropathy they should seek the advice of a healthcare professional. Foot neuropathy can sometimes lead to more serious conditions and should be taken very seriously and treated as soon as possible.

While these are just three of the ways to help control foot neuropathy, many others exist. Depending on how severe the neuropathy is, may depend on the doctor’s course of action. If it is suspected that a diabetic is suffering from foot neuropathy, their doctor should be advised immediately. Untreated neuropathy can become serious and should be treated promptly.



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