Foot Care And Its Importance To Diabetics

Finally, a legit reason as to why manicures and pedicures are vital to a women’s existence! If you are a woman suffering with the painful condition known as foot neuropathy, there is a bright side. Though the pain of neuropathy is miserable and one that will have to be lived with on a daily basis, there is one thing you can look forward to and that is monthly pedicures. After all these years of wracking your brain trying to find an excuse or reason for this lavish expenditure, now you have one.

Neuropathy is a condition of the nerves that limits an individual’s ability to sense and feel. Though there is no known cure for this miserable condition, there are aspects of this condition that if treated could be lessened. Foot neuropathy is just neuropathy or nerve damage concentrated in the foot area. The development of foot neuropathy is closely related to diabetes and the inability for diabetic patients to be able to control his or her blood sugar levels. The maintaining of high blood sugar will eventually cause an eating away of the nerve cells thus causing nerve damage and their inability to communicate properly.

Treating Neuropathy

Besides maintaining a healthy blood sugar level, diabetics have to take great care of their feet. Upon being diagnosed with diabetes, the diabetic patient is warned about the hazards if their feet are left uncared for. A complete loss of mobility is the future of a diabetic that develops foot neuropathy and chooses to do nothing about it. Foot neuropathy can lead to amputation and amputation can lead to the loss of independence.

No person wants to lose his or her freedom so it is important that proper foot care is had to avoid further complications. The following are a few simple hygiene solutions that could help decrease the odds of a diabetic patient developing foot neuropathy.

  • Exercise daily
  • Nightly foot checks to make sure that no injury has gone unnoticed or is infected
  • Keep feet dry
  • Wear proper foot wear
  • Keep toenails nicely trimmed and even. The best way to do this is through pedicures!

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