Foods That Could Help Change Your Life

Everyone talks about the importance of eating right. There are so many benefits to eating right such as weight control, cholesterol care and overall heart health. Eating right can reduce ones chances of obesity, high cholesterol and heart complications. Another important aspect of eating right is that is lower the chances of one developing diabetes. Poor diet and high levels of sugar in the body can lead a person down the road to a diabetes filled life.

Diabetes is a lifelong condition so preventing it or maintaining it is important to prevent further heath complications. One complication that comes with diabetes is diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy takes several years to fully develop but once it does there is not reversing it. Diabetic neuropathy is a common complication of diabetes and is the result of high levels of blood sugar being maintained in the body for an extended period of time. If the diabetic patient is unable to reduce or maintain his or her blood sugar levels, then nerve damage occurs resulting in a series of painful symptoms.

Symptoms and Treatment

Diabetic neuropathy often starts in the feet and is referred to as neuropathy in feet. The symptoms start in the foot area and begin to create painful sensations such as: tingling, burning, aching, numbness, needle like pricking and sensitivity to touch. Neuropathy in feet makes it difficult and even dangerous for the patient to be up on the feet walking about. The lack of feeling in the foot area creates a risk of falling, tripping or other foot related injuries. When an infliction of sorts develops on the foot, it can often go unnoticed because of the lack of feeling; when there is an injury without feeling, infection can set in and the patient runs the risk of needing an amputation.

The only way one can lessen the pain and prevent further nerve cell damage is through neuropathy in feet treatment. Neuropathy in feet treatment comes with several different options such as pharmaceutical measures or through natural methods like acupuncture or vitamin supplements. Eating certain foods can help reduce nerve pain felt in the foot area, foods high in Alpha Lipoic acid (broccoli, spinach and yeast extract) and Benfotiamine (crushed garlic, whole grain products, peanuts and bananas) are just two examples of how eating right could ultimately change your life.

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