Flexible Treatments For Foot Care

foot neuropathyA person’s lifestyle give them comfort and freedom to live the way they want to live. Some people life to surf or hang-glide, while other people like to play chess in the park with random strangers. Everyone has different interests and hobbies that help them enjoy life and pass the time with friends or family. Now when they get diagnosed with a chronic condition such as neuropathy, they might think they can still do all the same things they used to do. This unfortunately is a big problem because they can’t always do everything that they used to do; some life changes need to take place. Making a schedule and keeping it flexible is important as you never know when neuropathy could inflame you with burning or tingling causing you to hurt yourself. Keeping a journal can also prove to be good as it will give you insight into your neuropathy occurrences.

Explaining About Foot Neuropathy

The above concern is even more important when concerning a peripheral form of neuropathy known as foot neuropathy. Foot care is very important, especially when it comes to dealing with foot neuropathy in regards to patients with diabetes. The most common form of prevention comes in the form of awareness. Daily evaluations of the feet are highly recommended by those in the medical world for patients suffering with diabetes, patients should also be in communication with their physician and report any symptoms they might be having to their doctor as soon as possible. Any health symptoms that are related to foot problems will get worse as the day goes on because an individual’s feet become more stressed as the day goes on. Prevention is the key to staying on top of problems associated with foot neuropathy. Beyond scrupulous foot care, the best approach to preventing the complications of diabetes — including foot problems –- is proper diabetes management with a healthy diet, regular exercise, blood sugar monitoring and adherence to a prescribed medication regimen.

Meds That Aid In Foot Neuropathy Relief

When considering a plan for relieving yourself from your foot neuropathy pain, you should always consult with your primary care physician as they will give you some of the best treatment options available and the most commonly used ones as well. Here are some of the suggestions they might make:

«  Pain Relievers – When proper glucose monitoring and preventions are taking place symptoms may be mild and will respond to over-the-counter medications such as Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen. However, for more severe symptoms an individual may need prescription painkillers.

«  Anti-seizure Medications – This classification of drugs such as Gabapentin, or Carbamazepine can help with the burning sensations patients associate with nerve pain when they are seeking a foot neuropathy treatment.

«  Capsaicin – This cream contains a naturally occurring substance found within hot peppers. While this type of foot neuropathy treatment may take gradual exposure and some time to get used to, it has been shown to improve the symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy. In general a patient will need to get used to the heat before experiencing any pain relief, and physicians often suggest the use of capsaicin along with other treatments.

«  numbing cream Patch – This patch contains a topical anesthetic called numbing cream. A patient would place on the area where the painful symptoms are most severe (in this case the foot) in order to obtain pain relief.

«  Anti-depressants – This particular form of medication works to relieve pain by interfering with the chemical processes in the brain and spinal cord that allow a patient to feel the pain thus proving to be a successful foot neuropathy treatment.

Instead Of Drugs, Use An Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a fatty acid and an antioxidant that can protect cells from the damage caused by the oxidative effects of free radicals. Unlike other antioxidants ALA is both water and fat soluble. Alpha Lipoic Acid is available in tablet, capsule, or aqueous liquid form. It is widely available as an over-the-counter supplement. Treatment may take a few weeks for patients to see full improvement with their symptoms. It is very easily absorbed by the body. Research has been completed that shows Alpha Lipoic Acid can help with your foot neuropathy by improving the following functions.

  • Prevents Cell Damage
  • Restores Levels of Vitamin C & E
  • Improves the Function and Conduction of Neurons in Diabetic Patients.

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