Finding An Effective Foot Neuropathy Treatment Plan

It is important to address diabetic neuropathy promptly. This is particularly true when there is nerve damage to the feet. An effective foot neuropathy treatment plan is vital when trying to keep the feet, and other extremities, as healthy as possible. With the proper treatment, the effects of the peripheral neuropathy including numb feet and tingling feet can be reduced. It is also possible to see a marked improvement in pain relief.

Effective foot neuropathy treatment includes a number of aspects, one being traditional medications prescribed by a physician. Many medications are prescribed in order to provide pain relief. These alone might not be enough to relieve neuropathy pain so other alternative treatments are available.

Alternative Treatments For Pain Relief

In addition to the medication prescribed by the physician, many people also use neuropathy topical cream as part of their foot neuropathy treatment plan. The use of capsaicin topical cream or the use of numbing cream can bring about relief to those who suffer from painful side effects of diabetic neuropathy. Capsaicin emits a warming sensation that can help relieve the tingling felt in the feet. Topical creams can also assist in aiding relief for those suffering with numb feet. Numb feet is often a symptoms found in people suffering with diabetic neuropathy. The warming can also brings pain to the deep tissues of the body that have caused severe amounts of discomfort in the past.

Massage therapy can be used in conjunction with the neuropathy cream. Massage therapy tends to bring relief due to the warmth and pressure used by the person performing the massage. Massage therapy combine with the warming sensation created by the capsaicin in the neuropathy cream can have a soothing, therapeutic effect.

 Acupuncture has been used successfully as a foot neuropathy treatment plan. Yoga, gentle stretching exercises can both help keep the blood flowing to the feet which can help in pain relief. Blood flow can help reduce numb and tingling feet that are often a painful side effect of diabetic neuropathy. 

Diet And Exercise Are Important

When diabetes is involved, it is important to follow a low fat, low carbohydrate diet that is limited in sugar. A trip to a dietitian could be in order to overhaul the current diet of one who is suffering from diabetic neuropathy. Following a proper diet, along with simple and gentle exercises; are two vital pieces to an effective foot neuropathy treatment plan.

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