Finding A New Love

Most humans have something in their life that brings them joy and that they love doing. For some, it could be the love of a good game of tennis or for others it could be hiking, dancing, swimming, chess or even watching television, but the point is that joy and excitement is had when one is able to participate. Suffering with a chronic condition such as neuropathy could put a damper on or quench the enthusiasm that one has toward their favorite hobby or activity.

Neuropathy is a painful condition that affects the peripheral nervous system and causes severe and painful symptoms to the hands and foot area. There are several different causes for neuropathy but one of the leading neuropathy causes is a complication of diabetes. High levels of blood sugar can causes neuropathy to develop in the feet and if not treated the foot neuropathy eventually moves upward. Foot neuropathy is very painful and can limit the amount of activity that a foot neuropathy patient can have. Foot neuropathy symptoms include:

  • Tingling
  • Burning
  • Pinching
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Loss Of Coordination
  • Numbness

Foot Neuropathy Complications

Foot neuropathy is not only painful but makes any form of walking or physical activity difficult and extremely challenging. The numbness that develops in the feet become a very dangerous symptom as walking no longer becomes painful but now dangerous. Activities and the things foot neuropathy patients once loved to do become nothing more than a distant memory and if not careful depression can seep in. Being caged in a home is no picnic and often foot neuropathy patients struggle to remain optimistic in hopes of finding a foot neuropathy treatment.

Foot neuropathy treatment is the key to getting back to the hobbies and activities that the patient loves to do. Foot neuropathy treatment may include massage therapy or physical therapy to help get the blood flowing and circulating properly. Other foot neuropathy treatment would involve prescription medications or vitamin supplements. Once an effective foot neuropathy treatment is implemented, the foot neuropathy patient is then able to get back to enjoying his or her favored hobby or activity or begin a new adventure and discover a new love or hobby.  


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