Fashionable Footwear – Is It Worth It?

For those of you reading this article that are women maybe you can relate to what I am about to say. Nothing completes an outfit like the perfect pair of shoes. There is something about fashionable footwear that just makes an ensemble complete, am I right? The crazy thing is we women (and maybe some men) would endure just about anything to look super cute when out an about on the town – even uncomfortable shoes. There is something naturally engrained in us that prevents us from making the wisest of choices when fashion is on the line.

For those who have been diagnosed with foot neuropathy you may be nodding your head in agreement. It can be a fashion nightmare at times to wear shoes that are comfortable but not exactly eye candy. Take Crocs for an example hideous to look at but yield extreme comfort so what do you choose comfort over appeal? Well, in the case of foot neuropathy, the answer might be a difficult one to verbally say out loud but the wise choice would be to take comfort over appeal. Foot neuropathy patients live with excruciating foot pain every time their feet hit the floor each day. Walking of any kind leisure or out of need is just too painful for most foot neuropathy patients so they choose to surrender their mobility and take solace in the comfort of their cushioned chair.

Ridding One’s Discomfort

Adding discomfort for the sake of looking cute would only make the foot neuropathy situation worse. Proper foot wear for foot neuropathy patients may not always be the cutest and most attractive footwear option, however, wearing comfortable fitting shoes that provide ample amount of support can lessen ones foot neuropathy pain. Shoes that do not offer a proper fit could leave a neuropathic sufferer with blisters that could lead to infection which then could result in one needing an amputation. Poor blood circulation is a common issue with diabetics and if footwear is chosen that restricts blood flow even further than serious consequences could occur such as permanent discoloration. Being fashionable is not always the safest choice, especially when it is your health at risk.

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