If you are someone you love has been diagnosed with foot neuropathy, then this article is for you. Foot neuropathy is a very painful and limiting condition. A condition such as foot neuropathy places extreme discomfort on the heels and toes of a neuropathy sufferer. Neuropathy can be caused by several factors but the most common cause for foot neuropathy has to do with diabetes and diabetic complications such as untamed blood sugar.

Neuropathy is a big word that is used to describe any nerve damage that has occurred on the body. Nerve damage is when a particular area of the body has been traumatized to the point where the nerves cell endings are unable to communicate correctly with the brain and spinal cord, thus creating a breakdown in communication and a series of painful sensations such as tingling, burning, numbness and needle like pinching. Foot neuropathy is when all the symptoms mentioned are felt in the foot area.

Foot neuropathy is particularly harmful due to the location itself and the lack of blood flow the feet receive, but also due to the fact that our feet is what propels us through life in an upright position and is our feet are not feeling things correctly than an individual runs the risk of losing his or her mobility and eventually his or her freedom. It is a sad fact but thousands of foot neuropathy patients lose their mobility and freedom as a result of poor foot care and the lack of foot neuropathy treatment. Foot neuropathy treatment does not have to be complex, the following acronym F.R.E.E as well as foot neuropathy treatment can help foot neuropathy patients maintain mobility and their personal freedom from relaying on family.

 Foot Care

Foot care and hygiene is vital to healthy feet: washing feet well and drying them immediately. Wear appropriate fitting shoes and socks, not to tight or loose. Inappropriate footwear can cause a lack of blood flow, blisters and infection.


Creating a schedule for regular check-ups can help prevent further nerve damage. Nightly foot checks should be had in order to determine if injury has occurred on the foot.


Though it may be painful, light exercises such as walking and swimming help keep the blood circulating and nutrients flowing to the damaged area.


Staying active and energized will help keep you moving forward and hopeful of a cure one day!

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