Dissecting Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Options

In school you might remember what it was like to dissect a frog and pull it apart to see how unique the makeup and genes of a frog really are. If you are anything like me you possible faked being sick that day to get out of such a disgusting and inhuman class project. Regardless of whether or not you have had the displeasure of seeing the inside of a frog the idea of dissecting something to attain information is astounding. In order to fully see what it is you need to see, know or understand a complete and thorough analysis needs to be done.

If you were to visit the hospital or doctors office due to some symptom of illness you would expect the physician and his staff to examine you fully and properly in order to determine the best and most accurate diagnosis. Once the diagnosis has been made and the results communicated to you, you would most likely expect a solution or treatment plan that has been thoroughly thought out and specifically designed to help your problem.

Anyone who has been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy understands the importance of dissecting every possible scenario in order to provide the best and most accurate diagnosis in order to provide most effective treatment options. There is no cure for neuropathy so it is imperative that the doctors and medical team discover a treatment option that fits the patience needs. Several neuropathic treatment options that a doctor and his team might consider would be:

Medication – Medication is not the best choice for everyone and can have multiple side effects and addictive tendencies. Most doctors recommend over the counter medicine so as not to risk their patient forming a dependency.

Vitamin B Supplements – Vitamin B supplements have nerve regenerating proprieties that have made drastic differences in neuropathy patient’s symptoms.

Essential oil – For century’s people have been using essential oils to treat ailments. Capsaicin and Aloe Vera juice are suggested to help ease painful neuropathy symptoms.

Acupuncture – acupuncture needles can be manipulated in order to help increase blood flow throughout the body seeping down into the area where the damaged nerves reside providing pain relief.

As you can see there are several methods that can help assist a person living with peripheral neuropathy stay active and pain free.

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