Diagnosing Neuropathy

Our body is a shell that protects our organs and bones from damage and harmful objects. Our body has been uniquely design to provide layer of skin that can assist in warning the body of trouble or alerting the brain that something does not feel right. Our skin has nerve cell that communicates with the brain and spine that things are hot, cold or hurting. When nerve damage happens there is a disconnection between our brain, spinal cord and body.

Peripheral neuropathy has symptoms such as burning and tingling feet, numb feet, pinching pain and muscle spasms. If one or more of these symptoms are being felt by a person the need to schedule a consultation with their doctor is vital to diagnose the problem in hopes of treating the problem before much nerve damage is had.


Quick diagnosis can result in the reducing of permanent loss of movement or feeling. Your doctor might run a few test and procedures to see if you have neuropathy and to what extent do you have the disease. Diagnosing the disease will involve a physical as well as a neurological examination. Your doctor might prescribe a series of test to help him determine what the underlying problem might be.

For example: a person that has diabetes can easily attain diabetic neuropathy which could cause severe pain and numbing in hands and feet, a vitamin deficiency can create symptoms of neuropathy as well as alcoholism. By agreeing to these test your doctor will better be able to rule out every possibility and better help you determine Neuropathy treatment plan and get you on the road to experiencing some much needed pain relief.

Living with the diagnosis

If your doctor does indeed diagnose you with neuropathy it does not have to mean the end of your life as you currently know it. Millions of people are finding relief from the symptoms that come with neuropathy and you can as well. Your doctor will most likely prescribe some form of medication to help temporary relieve your pain.

Most medication used to treat pain associated with neuropathy has multiple side effects that cane leave a person feeling frustrated and weary. Recently research has developed new proof that those suffering from neuropathy can find relief by adding Methylcobalamin and Benfotiamine found in Vitamin B1 and B12 into their diets can not only relieve their pain but can regenerate their damaged nerve cells. Alpha-lipoic acid is a powerful anti-oxidant that has the power to sooth painful muscles and limbs as well.

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