Diagnosing Neuropathy Effectively

Neuropathy is a terrible and painful condition that affects millions of men and women around the globe. A condition or diagnosis such as neuropathy reflects a problem or struggle for normal nerve functionality. When neuropathy occurs in the body, it implies that somewhere in the body nerve damage has occurred and the body is now experiencing a malfunction in communication between the brain, spinal cord and the sensory nerves. When a breakdown such as this occurs, the body is unable to compute certain sensations.

Neuropathy is a common complication of diabetes and can have permanent irreversible effects if not diagnosed quickly and treated soon after diagnosis. Diagnosing neuropathy can be somewhat challenging for physicians due to the several underlying neuropathy causes. Often times once the underlying problem has been revealed and treated the neuropathic symptoms dissipate on their own, however there are those cases such as diabetic neuropathy where ridding nerve pain is much more complicated and harder to diagnosis.

There are several methods a physician may tamper with in order to insure an accurate and precise diagnosis. Neuropathy symptoms are not exclusive to that particular diagnosis so a medical professional often takes time and thought into his strategy when diagnosing neuropathy. At the first initial visit, your doctor will have you fill out a complete medical history much more detailed than other medical forms. Once the medical history has been taken, a complete thorough physical examination must be had before any further testing is had.

Tests, Tests And More Tests

The process of diagnosing neuropathy is a long and tedious one so patience is a must; for those in the midst of the process, keep in mind that information regarding neuropathy is still being researched so not everything about neuropathy is known at this time in history. In order to make an accurate diagnosis that coincides with an effective treatment plan, time and testing will be needed.

Blood work is often had to help determine if the neuropathic pain is due to a vitamin deficiency. Urine test may also be required. Since neuropathy is a condition that limits nerve functionality, test involving nerve stimulation response will most likely be prescribed along with muscle mass testing to determine if any muscle weakness is present. Don’t lose heart; remember, that in order to have an effective neuropathy treatment testing is needed to help insure an accurate diagnosing.

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