Diagnosing Nerve Damage and Selecting Nerve Damage Treatment

When the onset of odd and unnerving sensations such as numbness, tingling and loss of coordination is had fear of the unknown might prompt a person into seeking medical attention in hopes of discovering what might be causing such odd sensations. There are several reasons why one might begin to feel odd sensations throughout their body such as:

• Diabetes
• Carpal Tunnel
• Injury
• Alcohol Abuse
• Drug Use
• Medication

One cause of odd feeling and numbness could be that some form of nerve damage might have occurred and is now showing sign through a series of painful sensations. Diagnosing nerve damage can be a challenge due to the fact that the symptoms associated with nerve damage could be a result of several diseases or illnesses. The odd sensations create pain that motivates the patient into seeking nerve damage treatment options.

Process of Elimination
The process of diagnosing one with nerve damage or neuropathy is the process of elimination. A series of test would be prescribed in order to help the doctor eliminate any and every possible cause for the patient’s odd and painful sensations. To begin the process the attending physician will require a full and exhaustive medical history of the patient and his or her work environment all the way down to his or her social life.

Once a complete medical history is taken a thorough physical exam will be needed. A physical exam will most likely involve a series of blood test to see if the kidneys and bladder are doing well, check on cardiovascular issues and function. Tissue might be testes, muscle strength and reflex tests will be needed to see if the body has proper reflex reactions or if they are delayed to some extent. Other test might be prescribed in order for the doctor to feel he or she has attained all the information she can,

The diagnosing process will be taking and exhausting but worth knowing. Nerve damage if permanent can create many obstacles in a person’s life. By being properly diagnosed one is able to seek out the best form of treatment. Responding quickly and appropriately can prevent further damage.

Though there might be a temptation to throw in the towel persevere through the testing and come out victorious. Nerve damage treatment is possible with the help and advice of your doctor.

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