Diabetics And Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy is a major complication that results from the condition known as Diabetes. The reason that Diabetic patients commonly suffer from peripheral neuropathy is because out of control sugar levels (particularly higher than normal sugar levels) affect the extremity nerves. These extremities can include the arms, hands, legs, and feet, but most often diabetic patients will suffer from neuropathy in feet because of poor circulation associated with the diabetes.


In Diabetics who suffer from neuropathy in feet, the treatment for the symptoms often comes in the form of serious preventative measures. If a diabetic individual is aware of the possible complications of peripheral neuropathy and is able to properly prevent the nerve damage from taking place, then they will already be one step ahead in the game. Prevention is the key to those dealing with neuropathy in feet. This prevention is important because of the proper measures are not taken, neuropathy in feet can lead to loss of sensation, loss of balance, or even worse the loss of the foot (or feet) entirely. This is why neuropathy treatment in diabetics should be taken very seriously.  Avoidance of nerve pain begins with a diabetic individual regularly checking glucose (sugar levels) and keeping it in check. Once glucose levels are kept at steady levels, then daily evaluations must take place. Daily foot care consists of Daily cleaning, examination, and especially proper drying of the feet. Proper diet and exercise can aid in the increase of oxygen flow to the extremities, which helps to keep the foot tissue healthy. If the patient is a smoker and can stop smoking, this will also help increase blood flow and oxygen delivery to the extremities which allows wounds to heal more quickly, specifically in those dealing with neuropathy in feet. Good communication between the diabetic patient and their physician is also of importance so that preventative care can take place before any further nerve damage might take place.


The good news is that even if a person reading this article thinks that there is no treatment option available for the painful symptoms of neuropathy in feet they need to understand that they are most certainly incorrect. There are many medications, therapies, and supplements available that will help to reduce or even eliminate the painful symptoms of neuropathy in feet. The most common medical treatment for neuropathy in feet will be the use of one or more medications (either over-the-counter or prescription). However, it is also important to note that there are alternative treatments for neuropathy in feet, the most commonly used alternative treatments include the use of therapy (massage, physical, or occupational), Acupuncture, Nerve Stimulation, as well as the use of supplements (which have been shown to have high rates of effectiveness).

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