Diabetic Foot Pain And How To Control It

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Sadly people who have to live with diabetes deal with many aspects of their daily life affected by the horrible disease. Though diabetes is treatable with insulin or medication diabetic’s still have to live with pain, swelling and possibly even numbness in their feet if proper care and proper foot wear is not had.

Proper Care
By working hard to keep blood sugar levels as normal as possible is ultimately the best and most effective way to properly care for your feet. There are a few other ways to help properly care for your feet and to avoid the risk of your feet getting infected.

o Everyday use warm water and a mild soap to wash your feet
o Make sure your feet are as dry as possible after washing, pat dry get in-between toes
o Keep feet moisturized and free from cracks
o Analyze your feet daily and look for signs of redness and swelling (call doctor is needed)
o Avoid walking around barefoot
o Avoid letting your feet get hot or cold

By taking the time to properly care for your feet you can drastically reduce the painful flares up that can occur. Another form of Proper foot care would be purchasing proper footwear.

Proper Foot Wear
Men and women who suffer from diabetes need to pay close attention to wearing and purchasing proper foot wear. In order to insure the best blood circulation possible in a diabetic’s foot certain precautions have to be made in the daily care of their feet. When out shopping for footwear here is a few things diabetic’s need to remember and implement in order to provide the ultimate health comfort level.

o Never wear shoes without socks
o Don’t wear sandals or shoes that leave toes exposed
o Wear socks that are well cushioned and at least ½ an inch longer than your big toes
o Avoid nylon socks
o Wear comfortable shoes (possibly speak to a doctor about special shoes)
o Change your socks and shoes everyday meaning have numerous pairs of socks and at least 2 pairs of right fitting shoes so you can alternate wearing them

Proper foot wear can help relieve some of the discomfort that some diabetic’s experience in their feet and help them continue to stay active.

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