Dealing With Diabetic Neuropathy

Studies have shown that nearly twenty million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes, and about half of them suffer from some form of nerve damage (also referred to as neuropathy) that is a negative byproduct of diabetes. Many diabetic individuals may not be aware that the painful symptoms they are experiencing in their hands and feet are associated with nerve damage, and this can be dangerous because if this nerve damage is left untreated other complications can come about. The good news is that diabetic neuropathy can be treated and usually once treatment has begun the symptoms of the nerve pain will lessen and sometimes even be completely eradicated.

Nerve pain that is caused by Diabetes complications occurs when glucose rises to high levels and stay at a high level for too long, this high glucose can cause nerve damage (especially in the peripheral extremities of the body). The symptoms that are common to diabetic neuropathy can be described by individuals as a burning, tingling, stinging, or shooting pain; they also describe accompanying feelings such as sensitivity to touch, heat, or cold. In any person who is already dealing with daily monitoring of glucose levels because of Diabetes, it is an added burden to also be plagued with nerve pain that is caused by diabetic neuropathy. However, diabetic neuropathy is not a permanent condition, if caught early enough and treated properly the complications from diabetic neuropathy can be reversed.


Prevention and avoidance would obviously be the first option when it comes to diabetic neuropathy. Because the uncontrolled (usually high) sugar levels are what causes the diabetic neuropathy it is of utmost importance for diabetic patients to constantly monitor their glucose levels in order to keep them at a steady rate.  Once proper preventative techniques are followed with the monitoring of glucose levels, Diabetic patients can then move on to preventative techniques in regards to proper foot care.  Because the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy often cause lack of sensations such as heat, cold, or touch a Diabetic individual may not be aware of any cuts, scrapes, or sores on their feet because they cannot feel them due to the lack of sensation. This is very dangerous because adequate healing may not be able take place because of the diabetic neuropathy.

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