Day By Day

There are days we all feel as though we are barely holding our head above water; we trudge through each day barely making it through without collapsing under the weight of life’s many heavy burdens. Burdens come in different sizes and seem to weigh down especially hard when life gets busy. My family has a theory that problems come in packages of three and I have to admit there are times it seems that theory has proven to be accurate in my personal life.

Do you ever notice that once the many crises in our life begin to lessen we are able to gain a different perspective and the burdens we once carried around seem less important that they once were? How we choose to handle the crises in our lives can have a direct effect on the crisis itself. For instance: if someone was to be diagnosed with a condition such as diabetes or neuropathy it would be easy to get discouraged and have a spirit of woe is me. Choosing to have a negative outlook can prevent seeking neuropathy treatment.


Living with chronic pain is not an ideal situation to be in and definitely not a situation one would choose for them, however, without seeking neuropathy treatment to help relieve the neuropathy pain felt due to nerve cell damage it is as though one is purposefully choosing to live in and with chronic pain. Why would one choose not to seek out treatment for their nerve pain? There are several reasons as to why one would not choose to seek out a neuropathy treatment, but the most common reason would have to be- ignorance.

Ignorance regarding what types of neuropathy treatment is available for neuropathic suffers is probably the leading cause for nerve pain today. Without knowledge nothing can be done. It is easy to get weighed down by the diagnosis itself and the stress of living with such a painful disease that the idea of looking for, researching and testing different neuropathy treatment might be too much when they are just trying to get by each day. Neuropathy treatment can help drastically reduce the amount of nerve pain felt on a daily basis as well as assist in helping neuropathy suffers move forward with their life and not get stuck in a rut of habitual pain and feelings of depression.

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