Conquering Neuropathic Pain

To conquer something means to have victory over, that does not always mean a complete annihilation. When diagnosed with a chronic condition such as neuropathy how does one get victory over the neuropathic pains? Neuropathy is a condition that forces millions of men and women to live in habitual pain day in and day out. When neuropathy develops, the individual diagnosed will begin to notice several limitations to his or her ability to function. Neuropathy is a disease of the nerves that causes the nerve cell endings to not function correctly.

When damage to the peripheral nervous system occurs, there is a domino effect. The first issue that comes from damage to the peripheral nervous system is the breakdown in communication between the brain, spinal cord and nerve cells endings. The breakdown in communication causes the brain to have a slower response to the nerve cell endings which in return causes the nerve cell endings to be left on their own to decipher temperatures, textures and feeling without the brainpower to determine what they are feeling. The brain is what communicates sensations to the nerve cells to tell the nerve cells when they are hot, cold or in pain.

When a breakdown in communication develops, painful sensations begins to take place in the hands and feet. The painful sensations are often described as a tingling, burning, numbness or needle like pricing feeling. Sensations such as these begin to complicate life unless a neuropathic pain treatment is sought.

Neuropathic Pain Treatment

Neuropathic pains since felt most commonly in the hands and feet often cause a decrease in productivity and increase in anxiety. The lack of feeling makes walking and performing everyday household chores difficult, therefore a neuropathic pain treatment must be implemented if the neuropathy patient wants to maintain his or her mobility.

Neuropathic pain treatment looks differently for everyone, there are those neuropathy patients that prefer the use of medications to help relieve their pain whereas other neuropathic patients feel that a natural approach is safer and more effective. Preference is an important thing to consider when seeking treatment, in order to have victory over neuropathic pain one must be willing to test several different treatment options and be willing to try something new until the right treatment is had and victory is won.

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