Commonly Overlooked Treatment Options

When seeking out a treatment option for a disease or chronic condition, there are several treatments that a person often looks to first. The most commonly sought after treatment for most illnesses and conditions would be the use prescription medication. Prescription medication is a popular treatment choice because it is simple to use and implement into daily life, however is it the most effective treatment options and does it have to be the first treatment that people run to?

The truth is there are several conditions that require treatment yet the use of medications may not be the best treatment for them. Most people run to medication as their number one treatment choice and totally overlook the use of natural neuropathy treatment options. Natural neuropathy treatments are a safe and effective way to find nerve pain relief. Medications often prescribed for the treating of neuropathy come with several adverse side effects whereas a natural treatment comes with no side effects, making it a very appealing option.


In order to prevent a loss of mobility, neuropathy treatments such as physical therapy, massage therapy and occupational therapy can be had to help lessen nerve pain as well as improve mobility.

Physical Therapy there is several goals or objectives to participating in physical therapy after being diagnosed with neuropathy.

  1. Maintaining a full range of motion
  2. Strengthening muscles that may have been weakened from the effect of neuropathy

Occupational Therapy

  • Improving sensory motor skills
  • Educates patients on how to avoid dangerous toxins and prevent exposing themselves to industrial or environmental hazards
  • How to self-care
  • Educates neuropathy patients on the importance of observation such as terrain changes, safely walking up and down stairs etc.
  • How to safely sit, stand and walk that will not risk a drop in blood pressure or cause them to fall.


Topical creams such as numbing cream and Capsaicin have been known to help relieve neuropathic symptoms on a temporary basis. numbing cream patches and a Capsaicin topical cream both have a soothing effect on damaged nerves. Both numbing cream and Capsaicin are safe to use frequently throughout a day on neuropathic areas such as the hands and feet. numbing cream patches and capsaicin ointment is a great neuropathy tool for mild nerve pain.



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