Choosing The Path To Neuropathic Pain Treatment

Being diagnosed with neuropathy is a dreadful thing and I do not intend to make light of it, but I can’t help but compare being diagnosed with neuropathy to the book The Pilgrims Progress. Strange comparison I know, however the thing I find intriguing is that the main character in the story Christian is on a journey from his home loaded down with a heavy burden looking for the promise of relief from his heavy burden at the celestial city.

Christian is faced with two paths, one path could lead him to his desired location and goal of being released from his heavy load and the other path could lead to nothing more that more pain and misery. Just like Christian neuropathy patients are faced with two paths, one path could lead to a life of freedom and pain relief and the other pain (the path most often chosen) could lead to a life of pain, misery and loss of independence.

Which Way To Freedom?

There are two paths laid before neuropathic sufferers; the path of neuropathic pain treatment or the path of nothingness. The path of nothingness is a path that leads to nowhere but further nerve damage and intense neuropathy pain. Sadly the path of nothingness is often chosen due to its easy access. By choosing the path of nothingness time is not spent looking for a neuropathic pain treatment plan that works, therefore frustration at time spent researching, visiting doctors and going to therapy is not had or “wasted” in the eyes of some neuropathy patients.

The road to freedom however, takes time, may cause frustration but in the end could help drastically reduce if not permanently erase the intensely painful neuropathy symptoms lived with on a daily basis. You see, choosing the path to freedom requires commitment to neuropathic pain treatment. By making a commitment one risks failing at finding nerve pain relief on the first try which implies that a second attempt must be made. The problem is not that neuropathic pain treatment is not wanted by all neuropathy patient the problem is neuropathy patients want their burden taken from them, without any sacrifices on their part and that is impossible. Anything worth having is worth investing time into and neuropathic pain treatment is worth investing time into in order to experience nerve pain relief.  


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