Celebrating 10 Years With Our Most Read Blog Posts

  • January 8, 2020
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Celebrating 10 Years With Our Most Read Blog Posts

2020 marks the ten year anniversary of Nerve Renew, our company and this community! What a decade its been. Over the years we have shared hundreds of blog posts, videos, infographics and resources related to neuropathy and nerve pain to help you in your journey. We’ve been overwhelmed with the response to the content we’ve shared with you. They’ve been read, viewed and shared by hundreds of thousands over the years!

In celebration of this anniversary and in case you missed them, here are our 10 Most Popular Blog Posts from the last 10 years. Just click on the photo or link to view the full post. We hope they will be of service to you and look forward to providing even more valuable content to you in the years to come!

electrodes of tens device on shoulder, tens therapy, nerve stimulation

7 Common Treatments for Nerve Pain

Finding the right treatment for your own peripheral neuropathy will often depend on the underlying cause of your neuropathy and the progression of your symptoms. To help you understand your options, let’s take a look at a few of the most common treatments and therapies used to treat peripheral neuropathy.

Sunflower seeds on a plain wooden spoon that outlines the importance of healthy fats in neuropathy

10 Healing Foods to Ease Nerve Pain & Slow Neuropathy

Of all the medicines and remedies you’ve considered for your neuropathy treatment – I’ll bet food wasn’t high on the list (if it was even on the list at all). Believe it or not though – emerging research is showing that the types of foods we consume can have a powerful effect on our nerves – and may even help heal or repair damaged nerves.

Neuropathy 101: Symptom Care

There are many symptoms neuropathy sufferers have to worry about including burning sensations in your face, sharp pain in your feet as well as tingling in your hands. This article is going to explain what symptom care you can utilize to mitigate future problems.

two hands of an elderly woman sitting on a chair due to loss of muscle control as a result of neuropathy

What No One Tells You About Neuropathy & Muscle Control

Have you noticed your muscles acting a little strange since developing neuropathy? Perhaps they affect your ability to walk? Or maybe you find it difficult to use your fingers to pick something up?While we normally associated peripheral neuropathy with symptoms like pain, numbness, and tingling – there are other symptoms as well.

Hungry man waiting for his meal over empty bowl on wooden table.

4 Nutrient Deficiencies That are Killing Your Nerves

If someone had walked up to me ten years ago and asked me what I was doing to maintain the health of my nerves – I would have given them a blank stare. Sadly, for most people – my old self included – nerve health is an afterthought (if even a thought at all). Few understand the threats to their nerve health or the steps that can (and should) be taken to protect them.

8 Signs You Might Have Neuropathy

Jump onto any neuropathy related message board or online forum and you’ll see that there is a wide range of causes, types, and symptoms of neuropathy. The symptoms you experience will vary depending on the cause of your neuropathy, the type of peripheral nerve that was damaged (sensory, motor, autonomic) and the extent of damage to the nerve or its protective coating (known as the myelin sheath).

Black and white photo of a person with neuropathy in feet and highlighted red pain areas

10 Things That Are Making Your Neuropathy Worse

What if I told you there were certain things you are (or aren’t) doing almost every day that are making your neuropathy worse? It might surprise you, but chances are that statement is true for a large number of people with neuropathy. While some things are obvious, there are many hidden threats to your nerves. Nerve damage can spread faster and symptoms can become more intense if these things are left unaddressed.

All-natural herbs used as a alternative treatment for neuropathy and nerve pain

Top 10 Herbs & Supplements for Nerve Pain

The fight against nerve pain caused by peripheral neuropathy can take many forms. For many, prescription medications are one way to reduce the pain. While prescription medications do provide a much-needed relief from nerve pain, their effectiveness is only temporary. Rather than seek to remedy the underlying cause of the pain, they merely mask the pain and other symptoms.

Pouring the pills from the orange bottle into the palm. Medicine and health care concept for life renew representing anti-siezure medications and the recent study that dubbed them ineffective.

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing? 65 Medications That Can Cause Neuropathy

They’re designed to help you – but sometimes the medications you take for various health conditions can have lasting adverse effects on your health – and your nerves. From blood pressure medications to drugs used to fight cancer and everything in-between, there are a number of prescription medications that can cause neuropathy.Do you know what they are?

Sportive senior woman in indoor swimming pool conducting water aerobics as a low-impact exercise for neuropathy

5 Low Impact Exercises for Neuropathy

Exercise is a bit of a two-edged sword for those of us suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy. On the one hand, it is not only important for our general health – but for some, it can even help reduce nerve pain. On the other hand, for many people with neuropathy, the pain is so intense that conventional exercise is simply not an option. So what can those of us who find ourselves in this group do if we still wish to incorporate exercise into our plan of attack?

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