Cause of Neuropathy In The feet

Neuropathy is a disease that affects a person’s nerve cells. When damage to the nerve cells have been had a loss of feeling or senses surrounding the damaged nerves can create numbness to the feet causing a disease called neuropathy in the feet. Doctors and scientist are still discovering causes for this disease and have had some luck but here are still many unknown reasons as to why some develop neuropathy.

Neuropathy in feet prevention
Neuropathy in general can be avoided in some cases and the same can be said in regards to a patient developing neuropathy in their feet. For diabetic patients controlling their blood sugar levels and working alongside their doctor can help lower their chances of gaining this painful disease. Other prevention methods would be to refrain from Drinking and digesting any form of toxins or poison. Once neuropathy in the feet have been diagnosed there are a few precautions one that has been diagnosed need to take in order to prevent complications from occurring.

Daily foot exams are needed in order to note redness, swelling or anything out of the norm. Anytime those feet become dry applying moisturizer will prevent feet from cracking open and causing an infection. Careful care of the toenails needs to be sought as well as constant wearing of proper footwear will help prevent further damage or injury to the foot.

Treatment for Neuropathy
After several months of living with painful neuropathy, relief from the pain may sound as good as taking your next breath. Neuropathy in and of itself can be painful but once one develops neuropathy in the feet the pain can hinder a person from being able to walk and even wear shoes. Thankfully shoes have been designed to help those suffering from this painful disease and can be purchased in order to maintain some level of daily activity.

Other treatment options for pain relief would be topical creams such as Caspian Cream and numbing cream Patches, both will help relieve pain temporarily. Doctors might prescribe oral medication as well as pain blockers for more severe cases. Treatment such as Physical and occupational therapy are also available to help educate the patient on safety tips and proper foot care.

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