Caring For Numb Feet

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If only Superman was real and his powers able to be bottled up and dispersed to all who suffer from some form of chronic pain or numb feet. If you were to sit and watch an episode of Superman you might see bullets ricocheting off his body and think to yourself, “if only my pain were that easy to be rid of”. Sadly no person has the power or ability to not feel pain or experience difficulties.

If you are a fan of Superman and followed the series back in the 90’s you might have noticed the amazingly fit physique of Clark Kent A.K.A Superman. Though one might not gleam much insight on dealing with chronic pain from Superman one thing that stands out is the fit toned body that had the ability to repel bullets.

Dodging the Pain
Painful Neuropathy symptoms such as numb feet, tingling hands and burning sensations are bullets being shot at patient who suffer with this disease on a daily basis. Since people are not immune to pain like superman they need to discover options that help ease or relieve their neuropathic pain such as numb feet.

Caring for their numb feet and coping with the discomfort that it brings can hinder a patient from enjoying life and their personal freedom. Numb feet and painful sensations leaves many neuropathic suffers home ridden with the misconception that staying off their feet is the best way to properly care for and treat their numb feet when nothing could be further than the truth.

Activity Proves to be beneficial
Research has shown that the more active a neuropathy patient is the healthier they will feel. When nerve cells have been damaged muscles can weaken and tense leaving a person not only suffering from numb feet and other painful symptoms but stiffness and a lack of motor skills as well. Exercise keeps the blood flowing and the body healthy when a body is healthy it is able to function properly and efficiently.

Numb feet need special care and attention for several reasons:
• Easily prone to injury
• Subject to infection
• If not monitored could lead to permanent loss of mobility

Feet are what holds a person up and allows them to have the freedom to move around on their own and independently. If a person has neuropathy in the feet and experiences severe numbness in their feet they are less likely to feel when injury or blistering has occurred resulting in serious consequences.

Proper numb feet foot care would entail the following:
• Proper foot wear
o Shoes that fit and provide circulation
o No Tight socks or hosiery
o Cushioned socks

• Daily foot inspections
• Gentle massage when in pain
• Topical cream applications
o numbing cream
o Caspian Ointment

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