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Close up image of text in which "Get the facts" are highlighted in a book regarding the difficulties of treating peripheral neuropathy because it is dificult to treat

7 Neuropathy Facts

Disease and dysfunction of the nerves, or neuropathy, affects approximately 20 million people (60% of those with diabetes) in the United States alone. Yet, a …

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An image of an adult refusing an offered cigarette that represents quitting bad habits when suffering from neuropathy

Top 7 Ways to Slow the Advancement of Neuropathy

The majority of damaged nerves can’t be reversed — let’s just get that out of the way. There is a common misconception out there that …

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Heap of Sugar Cubes Isolated on White Background that represents the amount of sugar in energy drinks which is terrible for neuropathy

5 Reasons You Should Avoid Energy Drinks

Energy drinks have been an all-too-common addition to the American diet. The next time you are out to pay for gas, take a look at …

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An image of a mature couple holding a gift representing Life Renew and the article 5 gifts for your loved one with neuropathy

5 Gifts for Your Loved One with Neuropathy

Does your spouse or significant other suffer from neuropathy?   If so, why not get them the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day this year? You …

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A close up image of an adults hands holding a vitamin bottle while reading the ingredients list representing Life Renews article Why B Vitamins Won't Help Your Neuropathy

Why B Vitamins Won’t Relieve Your Neuropathy

How much are you spending on neuropathy-fighting vitamins and supplements each month?   In a recent targeted survey, I was shocked to discover that the …

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Right foot with many ants on it stepping over isolated background representing numbness and tingling sensations in a neuropathy sufferer

8 Symptoms of Neuropathy You May or May Not Have

There are many symptoms of neuropathy including pain in the distal regions of the body, such as the feet and hands, sensitivity to light pressure …

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