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Mind and Body shoulder wrap for neuropathic pain as a gift

Your 2018 Neuropathy Gift Shopping Guide (With Prices and Pictures)

How in the world do you shop for someone who suffers from neuropathy? It’s not like you can not purchase prescription medications for them, nor can …

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Variety of Medicine Bottles Behind Pills Spilling From Fallen Bottle that represents Lyrica as a prescription medication for neuropathy related nerve damage

Lyrica and Neuropathy: Everything You Need to Know

A Brief Introduction to Lyrica Lyrica is widely known as one of the go-to drugs prescribed by doctors for numerous diseases. It boasts an incredible …

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Three Simple Foot Exercises For Neuropathy

For many suffering from Neuropathy one of the side effects is excruciating pain in the hands and feet. Here are three simple exercises designed to …

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3D rendering in warm colors of inflammation in the human body and its effect on someone with neuropathy

8 Sneaky Inflammation Triggers to Avoid if You Have Nerve or Joint Pain

I’m often asked what role – if any – inflammation plays in nerve pain.   Anyone who has experienced inflammation (which we all have at …

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A close up image of soda being held by a man representing how sugar is bad for your nerves

The #1 Way Neuropathy Affects Your Strength and Balance

Do you feel like you’ve lost strength and balance since you were diagnosed with neuropathy? Well, you’re not alone. I recently spoke to a follower …

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A pile of gold raisins in front of a white background that are being used for gin-soaked raisins as a neuropathy remedy

Does the Gin-Soaked Gold Raisin Craze Actually Help Relieve Neuropathy Pain?

The other day, I was researching ideas to provide our readers with holistic options to combat their neuropathy pain right from their homes. That is …

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