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Foot massage of an adult that represents three ways to relieve neuropathy foot pain in an article by Life Renew and Neuropathy Treatment Group

Three Keys To Relieving Numb Feet Pain

Foot numbness can cause many difficulties for those who live alone or are accustom to an active and busy lifestyle. Damage to nerves is also …

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A set of healthy food. Fish, nuts, protein, berries, vegetables and fruits. On a white background. Top view. Free space for text 4 Foot Neuropathy Treatment Options To Consider Life Renew Neuropathy Treatment Group

4 Foot Neuropathy Treatment Options To Consider

Foot neuropathy is always a possibility for those suffering from diabetes or those who have experienced some form of trauma that somehow affects the nerve …

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The phychiatrist is conduction a consultation to the stressful man patient,writing on paper chart,for treatment plan,blurry light around representing various treatment options for neuropathy by an article by life renew and neuropathy treatment group

Peripheral Neuropathy and Alternative Treatments

With medical technology being as advanced as it has become in the last twenty years, there seems to be a medication or drug to treat …

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Clinical Studies

(Scroll down to see studies for each ingredient) Introduction We set out to get a clear picture of the kind of results that our customers …

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Image of a mature adult grasping hand with the opposite hand representing the numbness and tingling sensations in a neuropathy sufferer

Treating Neuropathy: How To Reduce Tingling and Numbness

Some people may experience tingling and numbness in feet and hands due to various causes. In numbness, there is no feeling when the affected part …

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Man feet and brown shoes depicting a neuropathy patient suffering from numbness and tingling

Treating Neuropathy: How To Reduce Tingling and Numbness

“It feels like pins and needles.” “It is like ants are crawling underneath my feet.” “I’m losing my balance because I just can’t feel my …

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