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Doctor in white coat and stethoscope looks confused as how to treat neuropathy because it is difficult to treat and manage

Peripheral Neuropathy Is Difficult to Treat

If you’re like me, you are wondering just what the heck is going on with neuropathy research. It is 2019; shouldn’t they have a cure …

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Professional therapist giving traditional thai foot massage to an adult that represents massage therapy as a holistic approach to foot neuropathy treatment by Life Renew

Massage Therapy : A Holistic Approach To Foot Neuropathy Treatment

Treating neuropathy in a manner that provides long-lasting relief may seem to be an impossibility to those who have suffered from neuropathy for a long …

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Image of a neural network as it pertains to neuropathy, alpha lipoic acid, and other nutrients that represent an article by Life Renew and neuropathy Treatment Group titled The Role Of Alpha Lipoic Acid In The Treating Of Nerve Damage

The Role Of Alpha Lipoic Acid In The Treating Of Nerve Damage

The role of treatment in neuropathy is crucial to the wellbeing and functionality of neuropathic patients. Without neuropathy treatment, neuropathic patients are forced to suffer …

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Healthcare professional holding a TENS unit on a neuropathy sufferer representing an article by Life Renew and Neuropathy Treatment Group titled Is Electrical Nerve Stimulation An Effective Nerve Pain Treatment?

Is Electrical Nerve Stimulation An Effective Nerve Pain Treatment?

After years of trying conventional methods, techniques, and treatments to treat nerve pain effectively with no luck, it may be time to try something slightly …

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Natural neuropathy treatment

Natural Neuropathy Treatment Options

When a diagnosis such as peripheral neuropathy has been given to a person as an answer to unexplained yet painful sensations, many questions might begin …

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Close-up medical syringe with a vaccine that represents the article by Life Renew called is neuropathy cureable

Is Neuropathy Curable?

As living humans, we see and hear about disease, sickness, and illness every day. However, hearing about all the terrible diseases and conditions that one …

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