Blinded By Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment

I had an interesting conversation tonight that motivated me to write this article. My father was diagnosed a few years ago with diabetes, over the last ten years he has not taken very good care of himself or his health. The lack of care for his personal health as well as his inability to maintain his blood sugar levels led him on a slippery slope toward even worse health. The last couple of months we began to notice a slight dementia happening with my father, he was extremely tired and almost incoherent at times. Though we expressed our concern he never sought medical care.

Finally after much nagging on the behalf of one of my five sisters, he finally assented and went in to be seen by a physician, after several test the doctor concluded that my father had a stroke as a result of his poor life choices. This tad bit of news shook our family to the core and motivated my father to seek out medical advice for other symptoms he had been experiencing. Apparently, my father had been experiencing painful symptoms in his feet for years yet he never went to the doctor about the painful sensation he had been feeling. My father was diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy.

Diabetic neuropathy can be had in the hands and feet and are often a complication associated with diabetes. The years of uncontrolled blood sugar levels had led my father into living out the remainder of his life with nerve damage. Our conversation continued to what the doctor encouraged him to do in order to seek relief from the painful diabetic neuropathy symptoms he was feeling. I was shocked and somewhat appalled when my dad went to the cabinet and pulled out four different prescriptions; Anti-Inflammatory, Blood Pressure medicine, Anti-depressants and all sorts of other prescription medications that were given to help alleviate his neuropathy pain a grand total of eight pills a day!

What was even more shocking is that when I asked him what diabetic neuropathy treatment alternatives were available to him that he and his doctor discussed my father’s exact words were “I don’t really care, a pill is simple I take it and I am done” I stood there stunned, I went on to ask if he read the side effects that were in the prescriptions he was taking and he said he did not care. It dawned on me in that moment just how easily people put their faith in their doctor and even if what the doctor suggest though it may not be in their best interest. Diabetic neuropathy treatment is necessary to alleviate neuropathy pain however, people need to be made aware that there are natural alternatives to prescription drugs.

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