Mother Nature is starting to make her voice heard. After a few years of being overshadowed by the newest and greatest advancements with modern medicine, she is finally starting to regain her popularity. Many skilled and educated physicians have spent years conjuring up innovative drugs to help the human race conquer certain illness. However, there is something to be said about nature and all she has to offer. In recent years, new research has proven the importance of providing the body natural solutions to modern day illness. Choosing to allow Mother Nature and her healing powers to take the place of medication the body is able to heal without worry or fear of serious and life threatening side effects.

Though medicine has a place in the medical field, there are those situations that can worsen by the use of them. In the case of a person suffering from some form of neuropathy modern day medication has its limits. Neuropathy is a condition that affects nerve cells and their ability to work and function properly. Dysfunctional nerve cells can provide a body with severe amounts of pain resulting in the person becoming immobile is some pain relief is not found or neuropathy treatment is not sought.


Neuropathy affects the sensory nerves in the hands and feet bringing with it a myriad of painful symptoms such as:

  • Tingling
  • Burning
  • Numbness
  • Needle Like Pinching
  • Muscle loss or Muscle Weakness

Living with neuropathy pain is unfortunately a bleak thought and existence. There is no cure for neuropathy so suffers struggle to find treatments that can temporarily relieve their painful symptoms.

Natural Treatment Solutions

Treatments such as therapy and acupuncture have proven to be two successful methods in relieving neuropathy pain. Another natural approach to treating neuropathy pain would be supplying the body with Benfotiamine. Research done by several professionals have turned up new and exciting research in regards to the benefits that Benfotiamine can have on nerve health and nerve pain relief.

Its Power

Benfotiamine is form of the Vitamin B1. Vitamin B is a hard substance for the body to digest and in most cases the body dispels more than it takes in. Benfotiamine is easily digested providing the body with the much needed Vitamin B1. Its unique ability to pass directly through the nerve membranes to the nerve cells makes Benfotiamine an important treatment option.

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