Benfotiamine For Neuropathy.. FDA Approved?

What you may know about Benfotiamine is that it is the most effective metabolic precursor of active thiamine, or vitamin B1 that is available. Benfotiamine is a lipid-soluble that metabolizes quickly and produces high levels of TPP, which is the active form of thiamine.

Studies show that Benfotiamine is significantly less toxic than vitamin B-1 and does not build up in ones’ body, proving that it is safe for a patient to take when treating their neuropathy. It has also been shown that taking Benfotiamine has been more tolerable than taking the common vitamin B-1, and as a result there have been no negative reactions with taking benfotiamine and any other supplements or medications at the same time. So if Benfotiamine is safe to take, does the FDA approve it for the treatment for neuropathy patients as well?

Does The FDA Approve Benfotiamine?

The Food and Drug Administration has yet to approve benfotiamine for the public to use. There are different views on how the substance should be titled, such as labeling it a dietary supplement or a vitamin. The FDA is actually requesting more trials so that they can determine whether or not benfotiamine is producing the results it states it can and also make the determination of what would be a safe dosage for a patient to take. Trials will show the necessary results and answer any questions or concerns the FDA has about benfotiamine.

In recent years, several studies have been focused on determining whether or not using benefotiamine could be used as a treatment option for complications of diabetes. Studies have shown that benfotiamine has been helpful in preventing complications of some of the following:




Benfotiamine helps prevent complications of these conditions by blocking off glucose that can build up that occur in the vessels. This could also mean that the complications that can occur with diabetes could be proven less or may be prevented altogether. Studies have also shown that benfotiamine has proven to relieve pain in those patients with neuropathy. In fact, many neuropathy patients experienced significant relief with inflammation and neuropathic pain. When taking benfotiamine, there is a sustained increase of Thiamine Pyrophosphate (TPP) which can then produce beneficial effects on the general health of:




?Coronary health for diabetes

?Peripheral neuropathy

Although Benfotiamine is in the trial phase and still awaiting approval from the FDA, it has still been proven to be very effective in treating pain in those patients with neuropathy and there is hope for it being approved in the future.



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