Benfotiamine Can Be A Successful Neuropathy Treatment

Benfotiamine is a fat soluble form of Thiamine (which is more commonly known by most as Vitamin B-1). Benfotiamine can be found naturally in vegetables such as shallots, onions or leeks, as well as in very small amounts of roasted and crushed garlic. However, many individuals display a deficiency in Benfotiamine which can be replaced by a supplemental dosage. Supplemental dosages of Benfotiamine can be taken orally, and studies have shown that supplemental Benfotiamine is extremely safe and natural approach that can offer huge improvements and relief from many different conditions.

The Benefits

Benfotiamine has been shown beneficial for improving upon condition such as of Alzheimer’s disease, Digestion, Hepatitis, Shingles, Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation), Multiple Sclerosis, and even helping to boost Cardiovascular Health.

How Benfotiamine Can Help Neuropathy

The use of the supplement Benfotiamine can be highly beneficial to anyone suffering from neuropathy, especially from symptoms such as numbness, tingling, burning, needle like pinching, as well as loss of muscle strength which are common symptoms among those who suffer from neuropathy. Studies have shown that Benfotiamine can be extremely helpful in the treatment of nerve pain that is related to neuropathy. This is extremely important, because if left untreated the symptoms of neuropathy can lead to much worsening issues such as muscle weakness, lack of balance, or in extreme cases even the need for amputation of an extremity (such as a foot and/or feet). The use of the supplement Benfotiamine can help to improve symptoms that many neuropathy patients suffer from and when combined with other supplements such as Vitamin B12 as well as Alpha Lipoic Acid even further symptom improvement can be expected.

Additional Treatments

Often times the use of supplements, such as Benfotiamine, can be complimented by other forms of natural or holistic treatments. Neuropathy, and more importantly the symptoms of neuropathy, can be treated with therapies (such as massage therapy, physical therapy, or occupational therapy) or the use of alternative options such as acupuncture or chiropractic care. Holistic treatments are beginning to make full circle as physicians and patients are realizing that utilizing what Mother Nature has provided for healing is often one of the best choices to find relief with.



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