Neuropathy is a debilitating condition that involves the dysfunction of nerves of the body, which one depends on the type of neuropathy. There are several causes of neuropathy ranging from diabetes to idiopathic (unknown) neuropathy. In recent years, more and more research has been done to find better treatments for symptoms of this condition. Although there is no cure yet, there is hope that a cure will be found and certain neuropathies can actually be reversed if the underlying cause is treated, like diabetes.

As research continues in this area, certain nutrients have been targeted as possible treatments for diabetic neuropathy. Among these is the special fat-soluble form of vitamin B1 called Benfotiamine (regular water-soluble B1 is called thiamin). Research has indicated that this unique form can provide some protective and restorative actions not attainable from other forms of B1, or even from other supplements.


Benfotiamine is one of a unique class of thiamin-based compounds, called allithiamines that are found in trace amounts in vegetables such as roasted crushed garlic, onions, shallots and leeks.  This vitamin B1 form is able to directly pass through the intestinal wall and easily enter into the cell due to a unique open-ringed chemical structure.

One research abstract reports that supplementation with benfotiamine results in plasma levels 5 times higher than water-soluble thiamin. Not only is the plasma level 5 times higher than water-soluble thiamin, but the amount that is absorbed into specific cellular tissues like the brain or muscle tissue can be five to twenty-five times more than regular thiamin.  This absorption ability makes benfotiamine a powerful benefit when there appears to be a need for increased B1, such as in neurological disorders or cardiovascular disease.


Benfotiamine has been used in Germany for ten years to treat diabetic neuropathy, as well as sciatica and other nerve related problems. It has just recently been added to the American nutritional market.

Diabetic neuropathy is notorious for being a difficult health problem to treat, showing very little improvement, even with alternative treatments. Benfotiamine supplementation may be the most effective treatment so far and one that has been proven in clinical studies. Several human studies have demonstrated a reversal in diabetic neuropathy, with improved nerve function and pain reduction.

Though various dosages of benfotiamine were all shown to result in improvements, one study with 3 groups of diabetics with polyneuropathy who were given various dosages (150 mg or more), found the larger dose (320 mg/day) to be more effective. This study looked at several symptoms and found improvement in each one. Since then, there have been many double-blind, placebo-controlled human trials that have proven the nerve enhancing benefits of Benfotiamine in diabetic neuropathy.

This unique form of vitamin B1 is a break-through for neuropathy patients. If you have neuropathy, consult your doctor to see if benfotiamine is a treatment option for you. This protocol may be your answer.


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