Avoiding Foot Neuropathy

Most things in life are unavoidable such as: growing older, getting gray hair, having to get a job, paying bills and paying taxes. As we age, we begin to be pushed into more responsibilities and with responsibilities comes important decision making. Part of making good choices is to practice making healthy ones. As a young child, I was never instructed on how to make healthy wise life choices and to use responsibility when selecting food choices. A lack of responsibility toward my health has led me down a slippery slope.

Poor choices regarding our health can lead to an unavoidable unhealthy future. It may seem difficult to plan ahead and strategize eating right, exercising and overall health maintenance but if you keep prolonging making healthy choices you can end up suffering from chronic condition such as diabetes and or neuropathy. Either one of the condition mentioned are miserable to have to live with or each leads to further health complications.


Foot neuropathy is a complication of diabetes and one that can leave a person immobile throughout the remainder of his or her life. Diabetic neuropathy is a condition of the nerve that is attained when diabetics continue to maintain uncontrolled blood sugar levels for a long period of time. The high levels of blood sugar eat away at the healthy nerves causing them to lose their ability to sense and work properly. When the nerve cell endings are damaged, they begin to release painful symptoms such as tingling and numbness.

Neuropathy symptoms are often first felt in the feet making them go numb. Numb feet are not only a frustrating symptom to deal with on a daily basis it can be very dangerous. Walking around with numb feet makes differing terrain levels dangerous and potentially hazardous. Blisters can occur on numb feet and foot neuropathy patient can be unaware until infection sets in.  

Foot Care

Avoiding foot neuropathy is not always possible, however there are a few simple steps one can take to help insure that if foot neuropathy is had that proper care of the feet can be had.

  1. Eat Right – eating right can lessen the chances of foot neuropathy by maintain blood sugar levels
  2. Exercise – exercise may sound painful but in fact the movement helps insure blood flow and the loosening of the stiff muscles
  3. Foot Wear – wearing proper foot wear is vital to the blood flow. Avoid tight fitting shoes and socks
  4. Dryness – keep feet dry, always carry an extra pair of socks
  5. Foot Checks – administer nightly foot checks to search for injury

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