Are Prescription Medications The Only Option For Neuropathy?

There are millions of people all around the world who are dealing with some form of neuropathy (also referred to as nerve pain). The term neuropathy refers to a condition of the nerves that causes pain and dysfunction. Of those millions of people who are experiencing  the excruciating pain, itching, tingling, burning, and even lack of sensation such as heat, cold, or touch a large number of them resort to traditional medical treatments that involve the use of prescription medications. Most commonly for nerve pain a physician will prescribe either Antiseizure or Antidepressant medication to help with the symptoms of the pain. The problem with using prescription medications is that they only help to ease the painful symptoms but more often than not come with horrible side effects that the individual then must begin to deal with. So in essence, yes the painful symptoms are reduced, but only replaced by other issues and problems that must be dealt with. But there has to be a better way to treat this nerve pain that so many millions of individuals are suffering from. In fact there is, and one of those treatment options is the use of Benfotiamine.


One such alternative option to prescription medications are supplements, and in the world of nerve pain one particular supplements seems to work highly effectively, this supplement is called Benfotiamine. Benfotiamine is a fat soluble form of the Vitamin B-1. Just as with other supplements it can be found in its natural form in foods such as crushed and roasted garlic, or other vegetable like onions, shallots, or leeks. However for Benfotiamine to be an effective treatment for the relief of nerve pain it is best taken in supplement form which is most often taken as an oral dosage.  Benfotiamine has been used in Japan and Europe for years in the treatment of neuropathy, and recent studies have shown that it is highly effective in reducing and even eliminating the symptoms of nerve pain without any of the negative problems that come in addition to prescription medications. In fact studies have shown that most individuals who experience nerve pain can expect to see positive results and lessening of the painful symptoms within two to three weeks of taking Benfotiamine. The lesson that should be learned from this article is that there are usually many people who share in the same plight along life’s road, but running to the doctor and then to the pharmacy to fill a prescription may not always be the best option overall for treatment. Always be open-minded and be sure to treat the body as a whole in a way that can heal and correct problems in a more holistic manner. If a problem can be solved without negative side effects then obviously that would be the road most people would choose anyways.

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