All About Perspective

Two years ago I broke the worse bone in my foot that you could possibly break; this particular bone receives very little blood flow therefore the bone takes longer to heal. I was unable to walk or put pressure on my foot. I struggled with severe bouts of depression as I was forced to sit and watch my family members take care of my child, cook for my husband and even clean my house, everything was out of my control and I there was nothing I could do to change my situation or circumstance.

Though I was forced to let my body heal naturally without any outside resources there was something I could do and that was change my perspective. Trust me if there would have been options to help aide or speed up my recovery process I would have not thought twice about seeking them out and pursuing them in hope of recovering at a quicker pace, but sadly that was not the case and I was left to sit and evaluate what other people with worse diagnosis than a broken foot might struggle with on a daily basis.

Emotional Journey

I can remember feeling angry, robbed and cheated out of precious time with my daughter, I quickly became self-focused and a miserable person to live with. Two months after my ordeal I finally began to see that my situation was only a temporary one and there are hundreds of thousands of men and women that are diagnosed with foot neuropathy every year so who am I to complain? Here I was complaining that I am unable to walk for a few months while there are those suffering with painful neuropathy in feet symptoms that could possibly cripple them for life and limit their mobility forever.

Two years later I can honestly say I have sympathy for those suffering with the painful symptoms such as: tingling, burning, itching and numbness that foot neuropathy patients struggle with on a daily basis. Neuropathy in feet is a painful condition that can limit one’s ability to perform the simplest of tasks. Those of you who are reading this and have recently been diagnosed with neuropathy in feet I would encourage you to seek out some form of neuropathy treatment such as occupational therapy; by doing so you will learn valuable coping mechanisms that can help you deal with the neuropathy pain as well as help change your perspective of your current situation.

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