A Comfortable Plan

Gut feelings are often not listened to and bad choices are made. Why is it that we push down what are instincts are trying to tell us? There are several reasons why one would push down his or her gut instinct such as bad advice from friends and peers, or the advice of a medical professional makes us change our mind and our standing on what we think is right or wrong. A lack of knowledge is another reason why our gut or instincts are often ignored.

When we do not feel as though we are knowledgeable on a certain topic of concern and we feel that the person giving us advice has more knowledge on the topic it is easy to ignore our own thoughts and feelings especially when the person giving advice is a medical professional the advice we are seeking is medically related. Whenever a condition such as neuropathy is up for conversation it is easy to feel as though you do not know anything. Neuropathy can be a complicated topic to understand so seeking advice from a more knowledgeable source such as a medical professional is not a bad idea.

Standing Your Ground

Seeking out answers regarding neuropathy, neuropathy causes, neuropathy prevention and even neuropathy treatment is not a bad idea in fact it is an excellent idea, however once enough information has been gathered it is time to make a decision regarding a neuropathy treatment. Neuropathy treatments come in many different methods so a neuropathic sufferer will have several different neuropathy treatments to choose from, but there might be a problem. There are those in the medical world that might be somewhat pushy when it comes to a treatment plan. The use of prescription medications are not a right fit for every neuropathic patient so it is important that the one seeking treatment takes a stand on his or her personal preference.

It is important to be comfortable and at ease with the chosen treatment plan so having options can help with that. The following is a list of the most popular neuropathy treatments.

  • Acupuncture
  • Massage Therapy
  • Electrical Nerve Stimulation
  • Herbal Supplements


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