23 Amazing Benefits of Bone Broth

I recently wrote a blog about foods that help combat the symptoms of neuropathy, and a community member mentioned that I forgot to talk about bone broth.

Personally, I’ve only seen a handful of people drink bone broth.

I let the community member know that I would sure look into the benefits of bone broth and how some of the awesome (and I do mean awesome!) benefits could help those suffering from neuropathy. I’ll expand on the benefits I feel directly relate to neuropathy.

Here we go!

  1. Bone broth supercharges the immune system. Any given person walking down the street may have cancer cells floating down their bloodstream. The amino acid known as arginine (you gym goers out there may have heard of this amino) is in large numbers in bone broth. Combined with glutamine and glycine (also found in bone broth), these powerful compounds boost your immune system, liver function, metabolism, and quality of sleep. Take that, insomnia!
  2. Bone broth fights off the common cold and Bronchitis. Read more here.
  3. Bone broth is known to reduce inflammation.  Any time I see “reduce inflammation”, I’m interested right away. Any reduction in inflammation in someone suffering from neuropathy is a good thing!
  4. Bone broth strengthens your bones – yes, including your teeth! Bone broth is rich in minerals like collagen, glutamine, and proline. It’s the collagen that heals and strengthens those bones of yours!
  5. Bone broth has reportedly helped people manage the adipose tissue in their bodies. This has been said many times before, but you certainly are what you eat. Well, if you consume bone broth, you can rest assured knowing that you are indulging in something with very few calories. The average calorie count I could find while researching for this blog was around 100 kcal per pint! That’s amazing for the benefits you reap!
  6. Bone broth optimizes hydration in the body. The minerals exerted into the broth when the bone is broken down has been found to contain electrolytes. As we all know, electrolytes are great for the body via regulation of the water content of the body.
  7. Bone broth restores the capacity to exercise. Restoring the capacity to exercise ties in with the previous reason. Being rehydrated is often the pitfall of athletes — being improperly hydrated can be detrimental to your health and your exercise regimen. On top of all of this, bone broth has been proven to promote tissue regeneration. Our cells and tissues in our body are physiologically designed to die off — the dead tissues and cells are then replaced by new cells and tissues. Every once in a while, our bodies get tired and it is difficult to produce an adequate amount of new cells and tissues. If you think about it exercise wise, after an intense weight lifting or cardio session, it is going to take a lot longer than normal to replace those damaged cells and tissues. Bone broth contains glutathione and it is solely responsible for repairing cells and tissues.
  8. Bone broth may improve your overall mood. Physiologically, we as humans are incredibly complicated. One thing affects another in some way, so bear with me on this one. A healthy gut is key to feeling happy. Your gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) is directly connected to your brain, so an unhealthy gut is just the beginning of a poor mood. If you have ever been so scared that you feel nauseous, it’s simply because your brain is sending signals directly to your gut — and your gut is not a fan of these signals. Read more about this from Harvard Medical School, here!
  9. Bone broth is known to enhance the growth of your hair, skin, and nails.
  10. Bone broth is known to contain anti-aging properties.
  11. Bone broth is known to contain anti-tumor properties.
  12. Bone broth is known to contain compounds that relieve joint pain. Do you remember when we were talking about glucosamine? Well, in conjunction with chondroitin sulfate that is also found in bone broth, these two compound keep joint pain at bay. Click here to read a study in which researchers found that these two compounds worked just as well as Celebrex. However, if you suffer from severe joint pain, you may need to double up on protection. The right supplement may help you! Click here if you want to try a two-week free trial of a joint pain supplement we highly recommend!
  13. Bone broth is known to contain nourishment for your cells. Bone broth contains properties which help ensure optimal nourishment and function of your nervous system, cellular structure, and your musculoskeletal system.
  14. Bone broth is known to heal intestinal hyperpermeability (leaky gut). The gelatin in bone broth helps heal the gut permeability in the GI tract.
  15. Bone broth is known to promote deep sleep. The glycine content of bone broth is responsible for dealing with the neurotransmitters in the brain. This directly correlates to how fast you go to sleep and how long you stay asleep.
  16. Bone broth is known to assist the liver in detoxification. The liver is one human organ that we do not give enough credit to. Your liver is responsible for a lot of things and if we treat our liver poorly, it will eventually quit on us. Think of all of the toxins and nasty ingredients in the food and drinks around us. The liver’s job is to remove these disgusting toxins before it has the chance to poison the rest of our body. The liver is really dependent on glycine to remove these toxins.

  1. Bone broth is known to fight off infections. Because of bone broth’s high nutrient content, we can rest a little easier knowing that our body is being boosted with powerful antioxidants. Consider China – they frequently use bone broth in the medicinal world to fight off infection!
  2. Bone broth is known to aid digestion. Just like the leaky gut, gelatin is known to repair the rest of the digestive tract and it also helps repair the lining (mucosal lining)!
  3. Bone broth is known to have a calming effect. 
  4. Bone broth is often considered as a much healthier alternative to supplements. It’s been said that supplements (you know, the stuff you buy from your local vitamin store) often contain traces of unhealthy thing (mold, plastic shards, etc.) in them. Those that actively consume bone broth often call it the “nutrient goldmine” because you can spend $5 on a bone or $100 at the supplement store.
  5. Bone broth is known to boost your brain’s overall health. 
  6. Bone broth is known to have detoxifying properties.
  7. Bone broth protects your heart. Bone broth contains glycine (as mentioned previously). Glycine actually counteracts the negative effects of methionine (from meats and eggs) while also boasting a track record of reducing the severity of myocardial infarctions (heart attacks).

Whew! Who knew that bone broth could be so beneficial to the body!?

I for one am really impressed. We go shopping this evening, and I think my family and I will try it out in a couple of days.

Some important final thoughts:

I found out that you can actually purchase bone broth (even bone broth powder on Amazon!) in stores, but a lot of people stay away from it. From the sound of it, these bone broths can actually contain artificial ingredients! However, there are a couple of good companies out there. Be sure to read the label! Ensure that it is a BPA-free container!

I also discovered that some people only swear by roasted bones, as opposed to raw bones. To each their own, but I think I’ll start with a roasted bone. I don’t want an oily film in my broth!

Finally, bone broth truly does come across as a nutrient goldmine. Please be sure to contact your doctor before trying anything new!


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