Neuropathy 101: Symptom Care

There are many symptoms neuropathy sufferers have to worry about including burning sensations in your face, sharp pain in your feet as well as tingling in your hands. This article is going to explain what symptom care you can utilize to mitigate future problems.   1: Avoid Doing These Things Do your best to avoid […]

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How to Pick the Right Vitamin B12 Supplement for Nerve Pain

You’ve probably heard how important vitamin B12 is for nerve health. It repairs and strengthens damaged nerves – and helps keep the protective coating around your nerves strong and healthy.   But do you know which form of B12 to take?   If you look at the label of any supplement with B12, you’ll notice there […]

3 Tricks to Improve Vitamin B12 Absorption for Healthier Nerves

  Did you know that as much as 40% of Americans suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency?   We typically think of vitamin B12 as an “energy” booster – since it plays such an important role in energy production. But that’s not the only role it plays. It’s also a major player when it comes to […]

How Summer Heat Aggravates Nerve Pain [And What You Can Do About It]

  With summer officially here, have you noticed the symptoms of your neuropathy getting worse?   For many people with nerve damage, extremes in heat and humidity can exacerbate their nerve pain. There are a number of reasons why hot weather may be making your symptoms worse. Among the most common reasons are that: Heat […]

Get a Grip: How to Fight It When Neuropathy Affects Your Hand Strength

Has your neuropathy affected your grip or hand strength? If so, you’re not alone. Many people suffering from nerve damage experiences problems with certain motor functions, including their grip. For most, this is a result of damage to their motor nerves. The motor nerves transmit messages from your brains and spinal cord to your nerves. […]

3 Ways Companies Trick You With Cheap Neuropathy Supplements

If I told you that nearly 60-70% of the ingredients used in many of the nerve supplements on the market today are insufficiently soluble or have such low permeability that they never even make it into your system – would you be concerned?   Of course you would – and rightfully so.   Shockingly, according […]

Newly Discovered Gene Mutation May Allow You To “Turn Down” Nerve Pain

What if you could control your pain like you would the volume on a stereo?   Based on emerging discoveries in the field of neurology – this may not be a too distant reality.   If you’re suffering from peripheral neuropathy – it’s as if the wires controlling the “volume” of your “stereo” have gone […]

5 Reasons You Might Not Be Getting Enough Vitamin B12

Source: This article was originally published by Rodale Wellness Earlier this month, a friend of mine barely avoided a nasty fall when she passed out during a hiking trip. Her diagnosis? B12 deficiency. Once she learned the symptoms, she realized it had been progressing for months unnoticed, and her experience isn’t rare. It’s time to put […]

The Four Big Myths About Neuropathy

  Can you recall the first time you were told you might suffer from neuropathy?   Chances are unless you already knew someone who suffered from neuropathy – you didn’t know much about the condition. You’ve likely learned quite a bit about the condition since then – but you no doubt came across false or […]

7 Reasons Why You Feel Tingling in Your Hands or Feet

BILLION PHOTOS/SHUTTERSTOCL You probably know what it feels like to have a pins-and-needles sensation in your hands or feet after sleeping in an awkward position or keeping your legs crossed for too long. It’s annoying, but you shake things out a bit and move on, no harm done. But if you have frequent or long-lasting […]