8 Symptoms of Neuropathy You May or May Not Have

There are many symptoms of neuropathy including pain in the distal regions of the body, such as the feet and hands, sensitivity to light pressure and touching, feelings of electrical shocking and the sensation of burning and freezing. What’s a more uncommon symptom than the standard pain and fatigue? Loss of balance? However, I’m talking […]

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Getting Through Christmas With Neuropathy

The sights, sounds, and thoughts of the Christmas holidays most often bring to mind feelings of enjoyment or happiness, but for the Neuropathy sufferer the Christmas holidays can bring about feelings of dread or fear. The family and friends coming over in what seems like 20 at a time, screaming kids and everyone wanting to […]

10 Lifestyle Changes That Will Ease Your Neuropathy


How effective are prescription drugs for neuropathy?

Do you take prescription drugs to help manage your neuropathy? If so, how effective have they been for you?   We recently invited many of our customers and email subscribers to take a brief, two-question survey about their experience with prescription drugs for neuropathy.   First, we provided a list of the most commonly prescribed […]

Top 5 Foot Care Tips For Diabetic Neuropathy Sufferers

You walk on them every day, they keep you standing, and they hurt really bad. Feet are one of the most overlooked body parts when choosing to take care of your body. Most worry about their weight, or what they look like. Others worry about facial wrinkles. The only problem is that it is way […]

Why Alpha-Lipoic Acid Won’t Help Your Neuropathy

R-Alpha-Lipoic acid has long been hailed as one of the most proven natural treatments for peripheral neuropathy. It is a potent antioxidant that is both fat and water soluble, which improves the function of cell “transporters” that carry and distribute glucose. It is also one of the few substances that can cross the blood/brain barrier […]

Peripheral, Proximal, Autonomic, Oh My!

Neuropathy can be broken down into multiple types, however, one of the most common factors is diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is very common and a very serious complication of diabetes. It occurs when the body’s blood sugar is too high for too long. The best way to manage this is to manage your blood sugar level.  […]

A Guide to Defining Neuropathy To a Friend

Let’s just say an old friend from high school ran into you on the street one day. “Oh my gosh, how are you? It’s been so long!” You two take a couple of minutes and decide to grab some coffee because you both have time. You catch up for half an hour and she starts […]

Neuropathy 101: Symptom Care

There are many symptoms neuropathy sufferers have to worry about including burning sensations in your face, sharp pain in your feet as well as tingling in your hands. This article is going to explain what symptom care you can utilize to mitigate future problems.   1: Avoid Doing These Things Do your best to avoid […]

How to Pick the Right Vitamin B12 Supplement for Nerve Pain

You’ve probably heard how important vitamin B12 is for nerve health. It repairs and strengthens damaged nerves – and helps keep the protective coating around your nerves strong and healthy.   But do you know which form of B12 to take?   If you look at the label of any supplement with B12, you’ll notice there […]