Natural Nerve Treatment For Natural Nerve Pain

painNeuropathy episodes can be very frustrating to deal with as they tend to knock you on your back by its debilitating symptoms. The symptoms though can be stopped as long as you are using a neuropathy treatment option on a regular basis. So what is the problem if you can stop the symptoms effectively? Well, it comes from not choosing the right treatment option or trying to ignore the warning signs and think that the neuropathy will just go away on its own. Now, what options are available to the end consumer when it comes to neuropathy treatment therapy? There are specifically two ways to stop neuropathy symptoms through pharmaceutical means or by using a natural, more holistic method of treatment. Both have good points yet some also contain some warnings which lead to negative side effects if used without caution. No prescription for neuropathy that a physician can give you will be designed specifically for the neuropathy condition. So that is where the side effects come in. However, using a treatment, like acupuncture or massage therapy with essential oils, can be very safe and equally effective.

Explaining The Sense Of Nerve Pain

Neuropathy is a complex condition of the nerves wherewith damage occurs to the nerve cells resulting in a series of painful and limiting symptoms in the foot area. Nerve damage to the feet is known as foot neuropathy or neuropathy in feet. Several complications can arise with foot neuropathy such as the loss of feeling or numbness associated with the disease can leave the diabetic prone to harm or infection. The symptoms that come with having foot neuropathy would include: tingling, burning, numbness, muscle loss, loss of coordination and needle like pinching while walking.

The Neuropathy Support Formula Has Some Of These Ingredients

You might have read a number of neuropathy plans for treatment and wonder which one of them is the best for you. Well, I would recommend that you stay as natural as possible since there is no cure for neuropathy and you don’t want to complicate things by causing further issues when relying on prescription drugs. Here are a number of the supplements found in the Neuropathy Support Formula and can aid in your neuropathy relief.

  • Benfotiamine  – Vitamin B is often found in treatments that claim to help relieve nerve pain symptoms however, the difference between other nerve support formulas and the Neuropathy Support Formula is the form of vitamin B1 called Benfotiamine. Benfotiamine differs from thiamine in that Benfotiamine is easily digested whereas thiamine is not. What happens with other formulas with vitamin B is that once taken to relieve neuropathy pain it dispels through the body passing right out without having time to absorb and work its magic. This is why the Neuropathy Support formula uses a form of vitamin B1 known as Benfotiamine because Benfotiamine has the power to weave through cell membranes and penetrate the nerve cells themselves.
  • Vitamin B12 and Methylcobalamine – Neurological studies have been done revealing that Methylcobalamine can increase protein synthesis and help regenerate damaged nerve cells!  Methylcobalamine is more easily absorbed that the more common form of vitamin B12 making it more effective in the growth of new nerve cells if taken in high dosages.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – Some would say that Alpha Lipoic Acid is the secret to neuropathy pain relief and we would have to agree. The Neuropathy Support Formula is exposing the secret and bringing it to the world’s attention – Alpha Lipoic Acid relieves nerve pain. In our Neuropathy Support Formula you will find that the dosage of R-Alpha Lipoic Acid in our formula is the perfect dosage to help relieve nerve pain. Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful antioxidant that is both water and fat soluble, which is beneficial in helping the cell transport and distribute glucose. This powerful antioxidant has the power to bridge the barrier between the blood and brain and make its way to where it is needed most.

Foot Neuropathy Can Be Helped Naturally

The key to avoiding neuropathy in feet is daily foot checks. Pick a set time that foot checks are administered to insure that no injury has occurred anywhere on your feet, if some form of an injury occurs take time to properly clean and bandage the injury. Comfortable footwear is another important aspect of preventing neuropathy in feet, shows that fit properly will help the blood flow. Socks designed to assist with airflow are great for diabetics and helping prevent a loss of blood circulation, rubbing and all around discomfort.


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