Less Seizures And More Nerve Pain Spinal Adjustments

Nerve Damage Treatment OptionsNeuropathy treatment can vary in a number of different therapeutic options as well as medicated means. Most patients of the neuropathy condition wish to see their incapacitating symptoms cease and plague them no more as soon as possible. And since there is no cure for the neuropathy condition, neuropathy treatment is the only way to gain any relief. Now remember to be consistent with whichever treatment you choose as an irregular gate can mean irregular relief, which is bad. Natural treatment options are the safest ones around and can be: chiropractic adjustment, massage therapy, acupuncture or even curbing vitamin and mineral deficiencies as treatment. One of the most successful treatments for neuropathy is actually a treatment that can calm many other conditions as well: chiropractic adjustment. When going to a chiro on a regular basis, the medic will start to learn how your body works and heals, thus knowing how to adjustment you so that the condition of neuropathy doesn’t flare up as much. Adjusting the spine can calm muscles as well as relieve tension from the nerves in the body. This will minimize the effect that the neuropathy symptoms have on you.

Instead Of A Chiro Appointment

Anticonvulsants were originally designed to treat seizures. They are now used to help neuropathy patients and migraine sufferers. They are able to affect the chemicals in the brain that send pain signals across the nervous system. By doing this, it helps to reduce pain and help sleep. Examples of anticonvulsants are other medications and meds. other medications is a popular choice for doctors to prescribe. other medications is an anti-seizure medication that was actually designed to help patients who have epilepsy. However, after much research, other medications now is used to help treat neuropathy as an off-label use. Common side effects should not become bothersome or persistent. While many people are able to take other medications with little to no side effects, other medications is chemical in nature and can easily cause just as many side effects as any other medications. Common side effects of other medications include:

«  Changes in sexual function

«  Dizziness

«  Dry Mouth

«  Gas

«  Headache

«  Lightheadedness

«  Stomach Pain

«  Trouble Concentrating

«  Weight Gain

If you take other medications and begin to experience any of the following side effects seek medical help immediately. Severe side effects of other medications include:

«  Rash

«  Itching

«  Tightness in the chest

«  Swelling of the mouth, face, lips or tongue

«  Burning, numbness or tingling of the hands, feet or skin

«  Chest Pain

«  Confusion

«  Fever, chills or persistent sore throat

«  Loss of Coordination

«  Memory Loss

«  New or unusual skin sores

«  New or worsening seizures

«  Shortness of breath or wheezing

«  Speaking problems

«  Swelling of the hands, feet or ankles

«  Tremor

«  Trouble Sleeping

«  Trouble Walking

«  Unusual Bruising or bleeding

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